Our mission is to strengthen lasting bonds of friendship and solidarity with and among the members of the diplomatic bodies in order to facilitate as much about reciprocal cultures knowledge, exchange practical experiences of solidarity and mutual cooperation to impel action towards the integral development of the humanity.

Globally spread the virtuous essence of the national being. Argentine people identity was born jointly with the Nation. It took roots and grew nourishing itself of the most varied expressions and traditions acquiring its own nature.

Raise awareness of the importance of caring for our planet and all its natural resources as our main goal to bequeath to future generations.

Pondering together all countries worldwide through their representatives about the benefit of living in harmony and peace articulating a global development of a fraternal, more humane and fair international community.


Our actions aim to add value added to the future and already existing relationships with and among diplomatic bodies to generate mutual enriching experiences embracing from the cultural and social up to the solidarity and even the imperative, expanding the stage of privileges for all communities.

Contemplate everyone that make up the countries representatives delegations finding common similarities and approaches to converge on leading empathy to generate new and better effects on their job performance having as a goal the welfare of their peoples.

Focus on any practice or activity as with public or private institutions altogether with our diplomatic friends as well as any other person within a strict framework of respect for the environment enhancing the importance of care and preservation of vital resources for the survival of the human race.

Looking for best results keeping in mind all real possibilities so as well strengthening ties in the meeting for the nations.